May 18-20 Soaring Eagle

Notes from Doug:

I booked two streamside/river front campsites. Dogs are allowed; Children must be leashed or crated.

For those who haven’t stayed at Soaring Eagle, it’s at the top of the Delaware River, very serene, lots of wildlife, and they rent canoes (I think kayaks too). The river runs fast in May, but not treacherous – we cover 17 miles in one day without effort; we shuttle above the campground and paddle down to our site.

3 thoughts on “May 18-20 Soaring Eagle

  1. Not sure about this. Jesse’s work convention is May 14-18th so we will already have had a week away from home. PLUS Nora cannot be on the water this early in the season, too dangerous. Let’s plan another trip. ALSO, the Scooperbowl in Boston is June 5th-7th. Jesse and I are toying with the idea of catching it this year and swinging up to Salem again. If anyone is interested in making THIS a trip, we’d love to include some Massachusetts hiking!!

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