May 4-6 Worthington

UPDATE April 24, 2012:

Looks like we are going to need two sites, so I booked us an extra.  We now have both site #66 (under Doug’s name) and site #67 (under Bob’s name).

Here’s a list of campers so far:

1. Doreen, Becca-Lynn, & Doug (3)
2. Bob & Janine (2)
3. Tom (1)
4. Jesse, Lauren, Nora (3)
5. Hunter +1 (2)

Keep checking back for updates, menu to follow!


Notes from Doug:

Site 66. Hikes at Mt. Tammany & Adams Creek

This is a peach of a site, my favorite, plenty of room for all, and near the showers. This has been booked under my name.

To update the camping plans, I received the Worthington confirmation in the mail, along with the rules.Important to mention that although the site, #66, could easily accommodate us all, the park service only allows 6 people per site.

If we have a good group intent on going, the best bet is getting an adjacent site.

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