Worthington campsites update!

Update time!

The confirmed camper list is growing, so I booked us a 2nd site just in case. Site 67 is now ours as well. So it’s 66 under Doug’s name and 67 under mine.

Looks like J will be joining us, but will have to pass on the hiking (this all depends on whether we get a dog sitter or not…LOL). Also, I heard from Jerry and he will not be able to join us, and Tom has confirmed that he is traveling solo for the weekend.

1. Doreen, Becca-Lynn, & Doug (3)
2. Bob & Janine (2)
3. Tom (1)
4. Jesse, Lauren, Nora (3)
5. Hunter +1 (2)

Two weeks until Worthington!!

Okay guys, time to get serious.  We need a solid headcount so we can be sure we have enough space (sites reserved)., and we need to put a menu together.

A clip from Doug’s email from today:

May 4 – 6th Worthington Camping Trip
I know Steve isn’t available, and Renee, but I want to do a final head count for this trip. Please RSVP so we know if a second adjacent site is needed. The site is huge, so if we are over by one or two kids, we wont need another site. For Jerry’s benefit, there are spare tents, and gear, so no worries on equipment.
Again, the itinerary is a hike up Tammany and/or Adams Creek over the weekend. It is a State Park, Alcohol Prohibited. So bring travel mugs, baby bottles, hollowed out wooden legs etc. for discreet consumption. Not a bad way to disinfect your camel-backs as well…
Once this Head Count is in, we can set up a menu and other logistics

1. Doreen, Becca-Lynn, & Doug (3)
2. Bob (Janine ?)
3. Tom ( no + 1)
4. Jesse, Lauren, Nora (3))